Senin, 26 Januari 2015

Internet Bring a New Freedom of Information for Indonesia

Some people says, success depend on someone desire. If the desire is not strong enough, failure shows as it proof.

In the positive statement, desire is the fundamental factor of success. “If there is a will, there is a way,” wise man said. Desire makes people dream. It is also direct people to have a brave to imagine something. Perhaps, this imagination is not soon to be true now. But, if they think and visualize it every day, it is not impossible anymore. Walt Disney, example, is a person who succeed in realizing his dream: building a giant playground that knows as Disneyland. Before it comesto be true, people make jokes of him, called that soon he not able to build his dream. But, now, we able to see that Walt Disney vision are possible. His wife said the success happened because of Disney’s visualization many years before. And, it comes from a simple way: desire.

In fact, there are many non-technical factors that are able to come as obstacle in someone’s desire. Sometimes, people do not get what they are worked for. And, this is related by lucky factor. Hard work not always a guarantee. There is a ‘God-factor’ above all for some religious person. And, this hard work is not meaningless, but a part of worship. This belief is helping us not to stress if in the future we do not get what we want.

In my perspective, success is not everything. And sometimes, failure directs us to unpredictable ways. And, this is not always worse if we compared by what we think before. The walkman invention, example, is an untentionally product. On the other hand, our goal may be change by time, but not decrease their means. It is just different with what people desire before.

In my conclusion, we need to be more flexible to mean the ‘success’ word. By the flexibility, we learn to respect our effort whatever we get after that. This is help us to learn about our process to be success. It is also direct us to see the possibility change of our desire and accept it as a part of our life. People do not have to be too demanding of their desire anymore. But, it does not mean by stops to act. They are only need to choose a well-balance mind for a better life.

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