Senin, 26 Januari 2015

Children’s Taught: Compete or Co-operate?

In the modern era, competition has its own place in this world. There are always hard-competition in science, technology and industry. Some parents worries about these facts. So, they are prepared their children to face the world-competition when they are growing up.

Nowadays, competition between children was a commonly secret. Not only for being their children smart student in the classroom, parents also encourage their child’s willing of competition. Their children involved in some extra-class outside of academic purpose such as ballet, piano, drawing, singing, dance, violin, etc. Was a really proudly event when their children being a winner or a champion in many races. For some parents, their children’s achievement is everything. They want to teach their children to be the best in all area of life.

On the other side, the parent’s competition of their children often builds up pressure to the children. The pressure has a significant effects like nervous, rising up the hatred of their fangs, the dislikes of subjects (especially when they are have no interest except their parents constraint), and bullying. Bullying is a serious problem in school. In many case, a serious bullying happened in highly-demand school. Parents, teachers and society demand for the children to be number one makes they threat psychologically. This emotion that they are feeling inside and not allowed to shows to their parents or teachers often exploded as abusive acts to another child, especially who low-esteem. Japan, example, face this problems seriously. Their government made an intervention in curriculum making for prevent the case has wider influences.

Meanwhile, some people think that a sense of co-operate in children should be encouraged-not competition. In my opinion, this alternative is more reasonable. Because, people not living alone. Children will grow up as adults and learning that the world is made by many hands, combination filed of works and prophecy. There is no another way except co-operate to maintain a good relationship between people and building up a better-life together. In my perspective, it is more important than make children always being number one.

In my conclusion, taught children to co-operate have better influences to their adulthood rather than competition. The children who taught by co-operate will become more useful adults because they are learned about how to share idea and distribute works in their own capability basic. Actually, we are knows that nobody is perfect. Everyone have their talents and weakness. So, people need to build up good-companionship by co-operate each other. But, it does not mean we do not need to compete. We still need to compete, but only with ourselves, not another. It is better when we increase our ability because of our interest or personal goal, not for win to another people weakness. We able to learn to love each other, not hatred or shamed somebody in the name of competition. Overall, this way able to made ideal condition for go environment of a child growing.

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