Senin, 26 Januari 2015

Drug and the Influence of Young People

Nowadays, some youth has experiment with both of legal and illegal drugs. And, the increasing of the use of legal and illegal drugs begins in early age.

The widespread of drug use by young people in modern day society came from some causes. A special character of young people is curious. One of this curious is legal and illegal drugs use. Parents and other member of society often give a bad example for them, sociologist claim. And, this influence has gone worse when celebrity – a part member of society that sometimes be an idol for them – use drugs too. The young people – who naturally searching who they are- from the closest environment (like friends, parents, teachers, movie and music stars), often misunderstand the ‘cool person’ image from this bad example. Music stars, example, glittering with beautiful women, rebel-image, fashionable clothes and cars, light spot of media and infotainment that made almost of young people want to be like them. But, many of them followed this instant way. If my idol is cool with drugs, I can be cool with drugs too. That is some false perspective that widespread among young people. In some case, drugs use is a part of socialization and initiation among young people. If young people want to receive well with groups or peers, they will act the same as their peers. If the peers use drugs, they will use drugs too.

In modern day society, widespread of drugs among young people gives many bad effects. One, their academics will be delayed. Some young people drop out from their school because of this case. Some of others should spend their youth time in rehabilitation centre. This is cut a chain to builds a healthy and meaningful young age. And, it is very embarrassing that they do not respect their life as well. The drugs used also being a bad example for another young people. Like a symbiosis, one drugs use influencing another. If there are no people try to cut this chain, no one can. And, the young people who involved in drug abuse also need some motivation from themselves to cut this chain and rebuilding their life.

In my conclusion, to help fight youth drug abuse, school and parents need to give advice how to be a good teen or young adult person earlier. Young people need a good image for a role model. The first thing that should be done is building self confidence among young people. They need to know what is the positive or negative role, what is the right and wrong self-image, where is the good or bad environment to involve, who is the good or bad groups to follows. Young people also need to know their talent and special character that make them unique and different from others and learning to proud of themselves. With the strong character, young people are not easily influenced by bad example and bad environment like drug abuse.

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