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Citizen, Leadership, Semiotics and Mass Hypnotism

2014, Indonesian Presidential General Election entered the new phase. This stage is marked by only two candidates of president and vice president who pass the selection administration; differ from 5 or 10 years before. Many people related this fact with common American Presidential General Election which only had two candidates each of their general election. As the consequence, there is sharp bout between of two candidates including campaign team, press as the mass media platform and mass base on the grass root. The sharp bout itself moving forward to PSYOP (Psychological Operations or Psychological Warfare) that attack their enemy based on their belief, likes, dislikes, strength, weakness and vulnerabilities. Social media is the biggest battle area for the grass root with the press and campaign team as warehouse ammunition of fact and data to discrediting another party. Social discord has it form, separate the friendship and family at a rate unprecedented before.

The marketing and communication expert with social scientist collaborated to transfer the idea, concept, vision and mission to attract the voters and bring their clients to be the winner. Branding is the key to bring the people together to the good perception about the candidates. The challenge is they are only had few times to bring the consistency and frequency in limited times. The expectation goal itself set to the future, when the winner elected keeps the promises to the citizen. And it is very expensive thing.

In the term of the Political Championship black campaign also handle the rule for defamatory the opponent. On the opposite, campaign team harnessed the Ratu Adil, local myth about the ideal figure of national leader that strong, justice and charismatic that bring this nation to gain the triumph. Many big local communities still believe in superstition. So that, the communication expert used the community condition to create the relation between of Ratu Adil with one of the president candidate by both of cultural background and physical appearance. The similar believe arise when media by its hyperbolic, metaphor and superlative approach related between of this candidate as a bead of Ir. Soekarno, the first leader of Indonesia since their independence.

The phenomena above explained that the news not always paralyzed and symmetric with reality. In this case, communication expert and campaign team build a perspective based on their knowledge to create false consciousness which lead the voters to choice the candidate. In the further observation, semiotics has a huge rule to digest the information. Such as Ferdinand de Saussure explain that this field study about the role of sign as part of social life. Jean Baudrillard said: there are complex relation between of sign, image and reality. Image reflection the reality, contort the reality, being the mask of them and stand outside of reality.

History never forgets about Adolf Hitler, the most successful leader who used hypnosis and persuasion technique from pacing and leading, anchoring, verbal confusion until the repetition. He delivers the message with positive and confident manner. The method is control peoples mind and turn off their rational thinking. It brought the people to the mass hypnosis until losing their individuality and independence of thought. George Walker Bush used the words imagine, picture, “what if as the important parts of covert hypnosis. These words brought people into imagination and follow commands. Both of them used emotional statement because they directly works with subconscious mind cut the critical analysis. From the Psychologie des Foules  written by Gustave Le Bon he identified that hypnotic suggestion could manipulated the group behavior.

Semiotic as the theory of lie manipulated people to just seeing one thing from the surface not by the depth of meaning. The surface could see from the concrete material such as sound, writes, picture or objects and the abstract material such as concept, idea, or meaning. Something different made up to draw attention build up the artificial reality by simulation of technology that accepted by audience as the truth. This we called as hyper realism. The hyper realism itself depends on how big something could charm, surprise, provoke and eye catching the target audience. So then, the humble candidate appears as someone who rides the mass transportation and lunch in cheap and humble food stall. This idea is show repetitive, make people trance with the sign or medium and forget about the meaning. Because, now medium is the message. Press who had affiliation with the candidate used this technique to created objectivity from subjectivity and lose their identity as the pillar of democracy to educate people and give them the right information.

Unfortunately, the game is last long. Time after time, press still controlled by capital owners. They are still maintains their early platform to carrying the candidate who then being a winner and now a leader. The perfect image still maintain by press who manage the positive perspective until lack of their critical point of view although the leader is break the rules, take unpopular step, oligarchy with their relatives or colleagues, and so on. The unique is the past voters of the winner leader still being a part of social media loyalist fan base who always alert to people who confront government policy. The irony is, the leader who grow up with the help of media now gag the critical sound both of the press with opposite platform and humble citizen who talks loud about social and political critics labeled as public enemy. Public enemy is the one who could not trust government agenda of change although in the fact there is no or very minimum agenda implementation. The unstable of law, politic, and economy issued perceptive as transition which have no clear limit or goal. Perfect propaganda blind some people and make them could not seeing from another perspective. Most likely this is the grand plan of the big power to control the country by mass hypnosis and the reason behind is still unknown.

At the conclusion, independence of thinks and talks is precious things of being human. Individuality should be original and not easy influenced by mass media, society or abnormal leadership approach. Self-confident and originality being the keys for us to still being independent and sane instead of going with the flow of mass hypnosis. Last but not least, we should appreciate what God give to every human nature: intuition and our unconscious mind.

Modern life often ignored the unconscious communication such as speech patterns, physical activity while speaking, tone voice, facial expression and body language. Too much data in the ages of information also bring us to be more aware about intuition. More alert about intuition we would be knew about the hidden emotions, recognize a lie or manipulation, unexplainable dislike or uncertainty about someone or something, understanding about a concept, idea, insight and also possibility. This is the one way to gain the truth and real information behind of sign and surf

As the closing, this is the quote from Malcolm X that needs our attention: The medias the most powerful entity on earth. They have power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty look innocent. And thats power. Because they are control the minds of the masses.

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